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UrgoKTwo Reduced

UrgoKTwo Reduced

Urgo Medical


Multicomponent compression bandage system that combines elastic and inelastic components. Provides sustained graduated compression for up to 7 days. The first layer, KTech, is a short-stretch (inelastic) bandage that delivers stiffness, absorbency and 80% of the pressure. The second-layer, K-Press, is an elastic, cohesive bandage that keeps the system in place and provides additional compression to provide therapeutic pressure. The combined effect is designed to provide continuous, consistent and comfortable compression, both when active and at rest. Donates an average pressure of 20mmHg at the ankle. Also available in latex-free.


For the treatment of mixed aetiology leg ulcers, associated oedema and lymphoedema


Severe arterial disease (ABPI <0.6). Diabetic microangiopathy, ischaemic phlebitis and septic thrombosis. Allergy to any of the components, in particular latex for the ‘non-latex-free’ version. Ulceration caused by infection.


Sizes given as ankle circumference, bandage width: 18–25cm (10cm), £8.67; 25–32cm (10cm), £9.47; 18–25cm (10cm) latex-free, £9.20; 25–32cm (10cm) latex-free, £10.06

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