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Intrasite Conformable

Intrasite Conformable



A non-woven dressing impregnated with amorphous hydrogel. The hydrogel is partially hydrated so as to donate moisture to drier environments and absorb in wetter conditions.


Shallow and deep open wounds. Wounds healing by secondary intention, such as venous leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, surgical wounds, pressure ulcers, extravasation injuries, radiation damage, burns, fistulae, amputation and fungating ulcers. Can be used to pack deep undermined wounds. 


Known sensitivity to the dressing or any of its ingredients. For details of precautions, contact supplier. 

Sizes Available

10x10cm (7.5g); 10x20cm (15g); 10x40cm (30g)


£1.92; £2.60; £4.64

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