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The professional's guide to wound product selection

Tubifast Garments

Tubifast Garments



Tubifast garments with 2-Way Stretch are designed for dressing retention , wet and dry wrapping, and skin covering. Available in a range of ready-to-wear garments, Tubifast provides light elasticity for complete freedom of movement for patients. Easy to use and rewash for reuse, Tubifast garments can be worn under ordinary and night clothes.


For Dressing Retention, wet or dry wrapping.


It is recommended that Tubifast Gloves with 2-Way Stretch Technology are sized according to dimensions as well as age. If in any doubt regarding the selection of size, the next largest size should be chosen.


Vest long sleeve: 6–24 months, £12.16; 2–5 years, £16.21; 5–8 years, £18.24; 8–11 years, £20.27; 11–14 years, £20.27; leggings: 2–5 years, £16.21; 5–8 years, £18.24; 8–11 years, £20.27; 11–14 years, £20.27; socks (one size), £5.13; tights: 6–24 months, £11.72; gloves ( extra small child, small child, small/medium adult, medium/large adult), £6.10

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