Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection

Mepore One



Soft silicone wound contact layer with silicone on one side of a highly transparent and flexible polyurethane mesh


A wide range of exuding wounds including skin tears, skin abrasions, sutured wounds, partial-thickness burns, lacerations, partial and full-thickness grafts, and diabetic foot, venous and arterial leg ulcers. Can also be used as a protective layer on non-exuding wounds, blisters, fragile skin, exposed fragile tissues and with negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) systems.


Do not use on patients with a known allergy or sensitivity to any of the ingredients. Imprints can occur if not used properly on burns treated with meshed grafts.


6×7cm, £1.22; 9×10cm, £2.44; 13×15cm, £5.04; 24×27.5cm, £14.43; 27.5×50cm, £39.53, not on Drug Tariff

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