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mediven esprit – made to measure

medi UK


Flat-knit RAL compression lymphoedema garment for the treatment of upper limb lymphoedema. Available with or without silicone top band or with shoulder cap. Compressive glove and hand piece also available. Latex-free. Available in compression classes 1, 2 and 3.


Treatment of arm lymphoedema (stages I–III); postoperative and post-traumatic oedema; burn injuries.


Arterial circulation disorders; right heart failure; pre-existing gangrenous damage; neuropathy; and/or inability to tolerate the sleeve fabric.

Sizes Available

Class 1 (18–21mmHg), class 2 (23–32mmHg) and class 3 (34–46mmHg).

Styles: armsleeve; combined armsleeve with handpiece; combined armsleeve with fingers; handpiece; glove


Armsleeve: £39.12

Combined armsleeve with handpiece: £72.36

Combined armsleeve with fingers: £98.62

Handpiece: £38.05

Glove: £64.32


Additional options

Shoulder cap: £13.40; silicone topband: £8.24; zip: £22.84

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