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mediven 550 leg – made to measure

mediven 550 leg – made to measure

medi UK


Flat-knit compression garment. Designed for all limbs of all shapes and sizes, including complex distorted late stage lymphoedematous shapes. Available in a variety of styles, patterns, colours and trend colours at no extra cost. Latex-free. 


Primary and secondary lymphoedema/chronic oedema (including complex distorted late-stage lymphoedematous shapes); lipoedema stages I, II and III; postoperative and post-traumatic oedema; severe phlebological conditions; keloid treatment, e.g. after burns.


Arterial disorders.

Sizes Available

Compression classes RAL 1–4.

Range comprises: sock; knee-length stocking; thigh-length stocking; upper thigh-length stocking; tights; men's tights with fly; maternity tights; cycling shorts; Capri shorts; leggings; one-legged tights. Available in sand, caramel and black, plus trend colours (magnenta, navy, grey, aqua, blue jeans, coral) 


Not available on Drug Tariff. Please contact manufacturer. 

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