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Telfa AMD

Telfa AMD

H&R Healthcare


Absorbent pad dressing with non-adherent contact layer and non-woven backing. Impregnated with broad-spectrum antimicrobial (PHMB 0.2%). Available as pads and island dressings.


Surgical incisions; suture sites; abrasions; lacerations; dry to lightly exuding wounds; intravenous lines; arterial ulcers; to prevent infection.


Known sensitivity to any component in the dressing.

Sizes Available

Pads: 7.5x10cm; 7.5x20cm

Island: 10x12.5cm; 10x20cm; 10x25.5cm; 10x35cm


Pads: £0.18; £0.28
Islands: £0.60; £0.87; £0.99; £1.23

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