Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection

AndoFlex TLC Calamine Lite — 2 Layer Kit

H&R Healthcare


A two-layer, latex-free compression system for patients who are less tolerant of compression. Delivers continuous restorative compression. Comprises layer 1 (a soft absorbent foam with calamine, which helps to soothe and calm skin) and layer 2 (a cohesive short-stretch bandage with visual indicators). Soothes irritated skin and provides itch relief. Kit includes nylon stocking for ease of movement under clothes and on bedsheets.


Treatment and management of malodorous venous leg ulcers and other related conditions


Not suitable for patients with an ABPI of <0.5


Absorbent layer: 7.62cm×5.5m, compression layer: 7.62cm×3.74m (unstretched), 7.62cm×6.4m (stretched), £8.59; Absorbent layer: 10cm×5.5m, compression layer: 10cm×4.38m (unstretched), 10cm×6.4m (stretched), £9.72

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