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Flamigel RT

Flamigel RT

Flen Health


Gel containing hydrocolloid, arginine, purified water, macrogol, branch chain fatty acid (BCFA), methyl-p-hydroxybenzoate (E218), propyl-p-hydroxybenzoaate (E216) and disodium EDTA.


Protective gel for skin at risk of damage from radiotherapy (radiation-induced dermatitis). When applied to the skin, it builds a protective barrier that helps prevent skin breakdown and sore skin associated with radiotherapy. 


Do not apply to the eyes or eyelids. Avoid use on people with a known allergy to parabens or any of the ingredients listed. Do not use on ulcerations or infected areas without consulting a doctor. 

Sizes Available

100g; 250g


£13.82; £19.98

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