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Jobst Comprifore Lite Latex-free

Jobst Comprifore Lite Latex-free

Essity (T/A BSN medical)


Three-layer bandage kit providing reduced compression. The kit contains three latex-free bandages: Jobst Comprifore no. 1, an absorbent padding bandage; Jobst Comprifore no. 2, a light conforming bandage; Jobst Comprifore no. 4, a flexible cohesive compression bandage.


For the treatment of venous leg ulcers with an ABPI of 0.6–0.8.


Should not be used on patients with an ABPI of <0.6 or on diabetic patients with advanced small vessel disease. Please refer to the package insert for full instructions on the safe use of these products.

Sizes Available

For ankle circumference: 18–25cm

No. 1: 10cmx3.5 (unstretched)

No. 2: 10cmx4.5m (stretched)

No. 4: 10cmx2.5 (unstretched)


Kit: £5.14

Components: £0.43; £0.93; £2.87

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