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Cutimed Sorbact Hydroactive B

Cutimed Sorbact Hydroactive B

Essity (T/A BSN medical)


Cutimed Sorbact swab combined with an absorbent hydropolymer gel sheet and an atraumatic adhesive border. Designed to reduce wound bioburden, as well as absorb and lock in exudate while maintaining a moist environment.


All low to moderately exuding, contaminated, colonised or infected wounds. Also supports autolytic debridement and helps to maintain a moist wound environment.


Do not use on wounds with a known sensitivity to the dressings components. Do not use on dry or cavity wounds.

Sizes Available

5x6.5cm; 10x10cm; 15x15cm; 10x20cm


£4.13; £7.36; £13.85; £11.78

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