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Microair Barrier Socks and Gloves

Microair Barrier Socks and Gloves

Espère Healthcare


Protective socks and gloves made from a three-layered fabric that is protected from microbial contamination by the same non-migrating antimicrobial found in DermaSilk.


Designed to be worn as a protective outer layer over the top of DermaSilk gloves or socks, or normal socks when the patient has an allergy to external allergens such as PPD dyes, tanning chemicals or adhesives used in shoe manufacture. The fabric's inner membrane acts as a waterproof but vapour-permeable barrier, which prevents liquid-borne allergens and chemicals from reaching the skin, while also allowing the skin to breathe. The socks can also be used as an outer layer over compression bandaging to prevent water ingress and reduce unnecessary dressing changes.



Sizes Available

Gloves: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Socks (ankle or trainer): shoe size 4–5, 6–6.5, 7–7.5, 8–9.5, 10–12.5


Gloves: £34.35 per pair

Socks: £34.35 per pair

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