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Silhouette New Generation

Silhouette New Generation

Entec Health


A range of digital wound imaging, measurement and information management systems. The range comprises SilhouetteStar2, SilhouetteLite+ and Silhouette Lite applications, which are 3D and 2D digital wound imaging and measurement devices, and SilhouetteCentral, a web application for storing and managing information collected from multiple Silhouette assessment devices on a single platform. A Silhouette cloud-based solution is available for wound imaging and 2D/3D wound measurement, compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. Silhouette is distributed in the UK by Entec Health, and manufactured by Aranz Medical.


A fast, easy-to-use, non-contact, objective method of wound imaging and measurement. Can be used to document, report and share wound data. Also produces a PDF wound assessment summary report.   


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