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Thin Skin Protection Socks and Sleeves

Thin Skin Protection Socks and Sleeves



Protective socks and sleeves to protect fragile, thinning skin from skin tears. Made from a strong, hard, heat-resistant synthetic fibre called Kevlar and elasticated nylon, using a specialist weaving method. 


Patients with thin, thinning or fragile skin who have or are at risk of skin tears and bruising. 


Should not be placed in direct contact with breached or compromised skin. Apply over a wound contact dressing if necessary. Can be used in combination with compression hosiery, but seek medical device.

Sizes Available

Socks: small; medium; medium-wide; large.

Sleeves: small; medium large

Colours available: oatmeal, black


Not available on the Drug Tariff. £30 per pair (plus VAT and P&P) 

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