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The professional's guide to wound product selection

Granuflex Bordered

Granuflex Bordered



Hydrocolloid dressing with an adhesive foam border. Consists of an inner layer of hydrocolloids within an adhesive polymer matrix and an outer layer or polyurethane foam. The matrix layer forms a cohesive gel on contact with exudate. Has low-profile edges that reduce rucking, allowing use on awkward areas.


Chronic wounds: pressure ulcers (categories I–IV), leg ulcers. Acute wounds: traumatic wounds (minor abrasions, lacerations), burns (first and second degree), dermatological excisions, surgical wounds (postoperative wounds, donor sites).


Known sensitivity to the dressing or its components


6×6cm, £1.92; 10×10cm, £3.64; 15×15cm, £6.95; 10×13cm (triangular), £4.29

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