Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection

DuoDERM Extra Thin

DuoDERM Extra Thin



Sterile, thin hydrocolloid dressing. The adhesive layer contains elastomeric polymers which enhance the dressing’s ability to contain wound exudate by forming a cohesive gel.


Chronic wounds: dry to lightly exuding wounds, e.g. leg ulcers, superficial pressure ulcers. Acute wounds: surgical wounds, e.g. postoperative wounds, minor burns, abrasions or lacerations. May be used as a secondary dressing.


Known sensitivity to the dressing or its components


7.5×7.5cm, £0.87; 10×10cm, £1.44; 15×15cm, £3.11; 5×10cm, £0.83; 9×15cm, £1.93; 9×25cm, £3.08; 9×35cm, £4.31; 5×20cm, not on Drug Tariff; 4.4×3.8cm, not on Drug Tariff

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