Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection

Aquacel Extra

Aquacel Extra



Soft, sterile, non-woven pad or ribbon dressing composed of Hydrofiber (sodium carboxymethyl­cellulose). Absorbs wound fluid and transforms into a soft gel. Provides nine times stronger tensile strength and greater absorption compared with Aquacel.


For the management of: leg ulcers, pressure ulcers (categories II–IV), diabetic ulcers, surgical wounds, donor sites, abrasions, lacerations, first-degree and second-degree burns, traumatic wounds, painful wounds, wounds that are prone to bleeding. Use ribbon for dressing sinus, tracking or undermining wounds.


Should not be used on individuals who are sensitive to or who have had an allergic reaction to the dressing or its components


5x5cm, £1.08; 10x10cm, £2.57; 15x15cm, £4.84; 4x10cm, £1.40; 4x20cm, £2.08; 4x30cm, £3.14; 20x24cm, £11.81

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