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The professional's guide to wound product selection

ActivHeal PHMB Foam Silicone Border

ActivHeal PHMB Foam Silicone Border

Advanced Medical Solutions


A soft conformable dressing that is effective against gram negative bacteria, gram positive bacteria and yeast. It contains the antimicrobial substance polyhexanide. The perforated wound contact layers contain a gentle silicone adhesive that provides secure, non-irritating adhesion and supports non-traumatic removal during dressing changes.


Moderately to heavily exuding acute or chronic wounds that are infected or at risk of infection, including surgical wounds, leg ulcers, diabetic foor ulcers, pressure ulcers


8×8cm, £3.01; 10×10cm, £4.63; 12.5×12.5cm, £5.51; 10×20cm £7.53, 15×15cm, £7.53; 20×20cm, £12.11; 18.5×19.5cm (sacral), £9.82

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