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Prevena Peel and Place System Kit

Prevena Peel and Place System Kit

3M + KCI


Lightweight, portable, single-use, disposable negative pressure therapy system that can be used for 7 days. 


Designed to manage the environment of closed surgical incisions and the surrounding intact skin in patients at risk of postoperative complications, such as infection. The application of negative pressure to the incision maintains a closed environment. The skin-interface layer of the Prevena Incision Dressing contains silver, which reduces microbial colonisation of the fabric.


Malignant wounds; untreated osteomyelitis; non-enteric and unexplored fistulae; necrotic tissue with eschar present; direct placement of V.A.C dressing over exposed vital structures. 

Sizes Available

Each system contains 1 x Prevena 125 therapy unit, 1 x 13cm or 20cm dressing, 1 x Prevena patch strips, 1 x 45ml canister, 1 x patient guide, 1 x clinician guide


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