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The professional's guide to wound product selection

ActiV.A.C. Therapy Unit

ActiV.A.C. Therapy Unit

3M + KCI


Lightweight, portable V.A.C. therapy unit with intuitive touch screen allowing for easy navigation. Features include 14-hour battery life; detailed therapy history report; odour control and canisters with a gel sachet to solidify exudate.


Acute wounds (traumatic wounds, partial-thickness burns, flaps and grafts); sub-acute wounds (surgical dehiscence, abdominal); chronic wounds (pressure ulcers, venous and diabetic ulcers).


Malignancy in the wound; untreated osteomyelitis; non-enteric and unexplored fistulae; necrotic tissue with eschar present; direct placement of the V.A.C. dressing over exposed vital structures.


Not on Drug Tariff. Contact supplier

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