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Molnlycke DAP-600Z Fluidised Heel Protector Boot

Molnlycke Health Care


Z-Flex open-gate fluidised heel protector boot with a foot drop strap. It can be adapted to fit different shapes and sizes of foot, including those of adolescents. The ultra-low pressure chamber contours to the limb and redistributes pressure from the heel and Achilles tendon to the whole of the lower leg and foot. The low-pressure shin chamber redistributes pressure from the straps on the shin. The flexible toe-to-toe strap gently cradles the foot to prevent it twisting. The gate, which is located at the foot, allows for inspection and pedal pulse assessment. It also enables the caregiver to adjust the boot to fit the size and shape of foot, and facilitates easy conversion to a flat treatment area without disturbing the patient.


To help prevent heel pressure ulcers and foot drop; to maintain neutral alignment of the foot and leg; to provide general thermal regulation of the foot. 


None listed.


Adult size


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