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The professional's guide to wound product selection

Pressure offloading


Molnlycke DAP-600Z Fluidised Heel Protector Boot

Z-Flex open-gate fluidised heel protector boot with a foot drop strap. It can be adapted to fit different... More Info


Molnlycke DCP16024

Neonatal positioning kit. This full-body kit comprises one medium full body, one small utility, two covers... More Info


Molnlycke Z-Flo Fluidised Positioners

A fluidised positioner that moulds to individual patient and anatomical shapes to redistribute pressure.... More Info


Molnlycke Z-Flo Fluidised Positioner Z4

Ancillary positioner with cover. More Info


Repose Contur

A pressure-redistributing overlay for riser recliner chairs; provides head-to-toe protection against... More Info


Repose Cushion

Designed for use on a standard static chair, this cushion provides pressure redistribution while its... More Info


Repose Foot Protector

Designed to offload the heels either to prevent pressure damage or as part of the management of heel... More Info


Repose Foot Protector Plus

Designed to offload heels either to prevent pressure damage or as part of the management of heel ulcers... More Info


Repose Mattress Overlay

Designed for use on a standard single bed. Suitable for use in both acute and community settings. Can... More Info

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