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Pressure offloading


heelpro Stability Wedge

Triangular wedge that helps reduce external or internal hip rotation, depending on the position in which... More Info


Heel Raiser Pro

Heel offloading boot that redistributes pressure along the calf. The durable exterior reduces friction... More Info


HeelSafe Pressure Relief Pad

Pre-inflated or inflatable over-mattress pad to relieve pressure on heels. Secured to the bed with adjustable... More Info


Heel Up

A range of inflatable offloading devices designed to completely elevate the heel. Made from a soft, absorbent,... More Info


Jobst Foam

Kidney-shaped latex-free foam rubber dressing designed to evenly distribute pressure from compression... More Info


Kerraped All Purpose Boot

Therapeutic shoe with a breathable material upper, a black EVA insole and an abrasion-resistant outer... More Info


Kerraped Plantar Ulcer

A shoe system comprising a therapeutic shoe and an insole. The insole, which is 18mm thick, combines... More Info


Kerraped Plus

Advanced therapeutic shoe with a breathable upper material, a black EVA insole and an abrasion-resistant... More Info


KerraPro Pressure Reducing Pads

Shaped pads made from 100% silicone. The pads can be reused on the same patient (simply wash with soap... More Info


Liqua Care

Ergonomic, liquid-filled, pressure-redistributing insoles. Fabric covered for added comfort. Slim, so... More Info

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