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Cutinova Hydro

Cutinova Hydro



Hydro-selective, semi-transparent, self-adherent dressing comprising a polyurethane gel matrix with absorbent particles and a polyurethane film top layer.


Management of exuding wounds that heal by secondary intention such as leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, superficial- and partial-thickness burns and diabetic foot ulcers. Can also be used as a secondary dressing on cavity wounds when the surrounding skin is intact and healthy. 


Do not use on wounds with exposed muscle, bone or tendon where a risk of drying out occurs. Do not use on wounds where the surrounding skin is damaged or very sensitive. For details of precautions, please contact supplier.

Sizes Available

 10x10cm; 5x6cm; 15x20cm


£2.64; £1.31; £5.59

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