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Sterile aseptic dressing pack. Contains: 5 x non-woven swabs, 1 x pair nitrile gloves, 1 x disposal bag, 1 x sterile field, 1 x paper hand towel, 1 x clear tray. Latex-free. 


Non-woven retention and conforming bandage.

C-Foam Adhesive Border

Soft hydrocellular foam dressing with waterproof, permeable film backing to minimise leakage and increase wear time, and an adhesive border.  

C-Foam Silicone

Polyurethane foam, non-bordered dressing with a gentle adhesive silicone contact layer and a waterproof, permeable film backing that minimises leakage and increases wear time. Soft, conformable hydroc…

C-Foam Silicone Border

Soft hydrocellular foam dressing with silicone contact layer and gentle adhesive border. High-capacity core locks away fluid to reduce maceration while maintaining  moist wound healing environment.


Vapour-permeable transparent adhesive dressing. Latex-free.

ClearFilm IV

Transparent vapour-permeable film dressing, coated with acrylic adhesive and allowing observation of IV puncture site.


Transparent, flexible and conforming postoperative adhesive wound dressing designed to avoid wrinkling in difficult areas, with waterproof film for increased wear and absorbent pad.


Community Woundcare Pack

Sterile community wound care pack. Latex-free. Contains: 5 x non-woven swabs, 1 x disposal bag, 1 x pair nitrile gloves, 1 x paper towel, 1 x sterile ruler, 1 x sterile field, 1 x apron.


Multi-layered superabsorbent non-adhesive dressing to manage exudate and minimise maceration. Comprises soft contact layer, superabsorbent polymer core to lock away bacteria, and fluid-repellent backi…

C-Sorb Silicone

Superabsorbent dressing comprising fluid-repellent backing that prevents strike-through for patient comfort and safety, and gentle silicone contact layer that allows free flow of fluids to the dressin…


Sterile pack containing: 1 x pair Vitrex gloves; 1 x apron; 1 x disposable bag; 1 x paper towel; 5 x non-woven swabs; 1 x absorbent pad; 1 x sterile field; 1x sterile rule; 1 x tray 


Cotton crepe stretch bandage. Washable with soft edges to prevent fraying and patient irritation.


Lightweight, highly comfortable, durable and washable support bandage. Allows unrestricted mobility while maintaining secure fixation even in difficult areas of application. 


Thin, flexible, non-adherent wound contact layer consisting of a polyester mesh coated in soft silicone. Open mesh design intended to facilitate fluid management while reducing stress to the wound and…


Universal aseptic dressing pack. Latex-free. Contains: 1 x sterile field, 5 x non-woven swabs, 1 x paper towel, 1 x apron, 1 x disposal bag, 1 pair Vitrex gloves, 1 x sterile ruler, 1 x tray.



Postoperative wound island dressing with fluid-repellent, breathable backing.


Easy-to-use dressing pack designed to support non-touch technique and minimise risk of infection. Contains 1 x sterile outer wrap, 1 x sterile field, 5 x non-woven swabs (7.5x7.5cm), 1 x paper towel, …



Dressing incorporating patented three-layer polyester-cotton structure to promote rapid capillary action, lifting, transporting and retaining exudate.


Soft and absorbent dressing pad with fluid-repellent backing.