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Regen Medical Ltd (part of the Joint Operations Family)


Formerly known as Epifix, this is minimially manipulated, dehyrdated, non-viable, human cellular amniotic/chorion membrane (dHACM) allograft derived from the placenta. It contains multiple extracellular matrix proteins, growth factors, cytokines and other specialty proteins present in amniotic tissue to provide a barrier membrane that enhances healing. 


Intended for homologous use in the treatments of acute and chronic wounds to reduce scar tissue formation, modulate inflammation, provide a barrier and enhance healing.


Do not apply to areas with active or latent infection and/or a patient with a disorder that would create an unacceptable risk of postoperative complications. 

Sizes Available

16mm disk; 2x3cm; 4x4cm; 5x6cm; 7x7cm


Not currently available on the Drug Tariff. 

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