Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection



Regen Medical Ltd (part of the Joint Operations Family)


An extracellular matrix (ECM) restorative bioscaffold derived from ovine (sheep) source for use in the healing of acute and hard-to-heal wounds. Supports all phases of wound healing and is appropriate for use early in wound management to restore protease balance and advance healing to the proliferative phase.



Acute and hard-to-heal wounds including partial- and full-thickness wounds; pressure ulcers; venous leg ulcers; diabetic foot ulcers; chronic vascular ulcers; tunnelled and undermined wounds; surgical wounds (donor sites, grafts, post-Mohs surgery, post-laser surgery, podiatry, wound dehiscence); traumatic wounds (abrasions, lacerations, second-degree burns and skin tears); draining wounds. 



Should not be used on patients with known sensitivity to ovine (sheep)-derived material.

Sizes Available

5x5cm high flow; 10x12.7cm high flow; 2.54x2.54cm disc 


Not available on the Drug Tariff. Contact supplier

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