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Curea P2

Curea P2

Regen Medical Ltd (part of the Joint Operations Family)


A multipurpose dressing (MPD) including a non-adherent interface layer based on SuperCore technology; a non-sagging airlaid core of natural fibres and sodium polyacrylates; breathable backsheet and laminated edges. 



For use with all types of exudate including high viscosity exudate. Low, mild to heavily exuding chronic and acute wounds with new granulation tissue and where an interface layer is required.


Dry wounds (stagnation). Do not use for mucous membranes, eyes, sinews or bones (desiccation). Do not use in cavities as the wound pad expands when absorbing fluid.

Sizes Available

10x20cm; 20x30cm; 11x11cm; 15x15cm; 20x20cm


£3.12; £7.28; £2.12; £4.94; £5.59

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