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Mextra Superabsorbent

Mextra Superabsorbent

Molnlycke Health Care


Superabsorbent dressing with fluid-repellent backing. The dressing's four-layer construction works in a precise sequence to facilitate exudate management. Exudate is absorbed through the non-woven wound contact layer. The exudate is then spread via a distribution layer and retained within a network of superabsorbent particles and fibres. The fluid-repellent backing prevents strikethrough.


Moderately to highly exuding wounds.


Do not use in wound cavities or on patients with a known sensitivity to the dressing or its components.

Sizes Available

12.5x12.5cm; 12.5x17.5cm; 12.5x22.5cm; 17.5x22.5cm; 22.5x27.5cm; 22.5x32cm; 22.5x42.5cm


£1.27; £1.53; £1.75; £2.47; £3.03; £3.90; £4.25

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