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Mepitel Film

Mepitel Film

Molnlycke Health Care


A gentle, sterile, transparent, breathable film dressing consisting of polyurethane film with a soft silicone wound contact layer. The film dressing is supported with a paper frame for ease of application.


A wide range of superficial wounds including pressure ulcers categories I and II, superficial burns and superficial skin injuries. Designed to protect fragile and sensitive skin. Can also be used as a protective cover for open surgical wounds (e.g. abdomen) and to secure primary dressings.


Should not be used a primary fixation for IV, cannulae, ports or other infusion and/or life-sustaining devices.

Sizes Available

6.5x7cm; 10.5x12cm; 10.5x25cm; 15.5x20cm


£0.49; £1.34; £2.59; £3.29

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