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Mepilex Ag

Mepilex Ag

Molnlycke Health Care


Antimicrobial foam dressing consisting of a soft silicone wound contact layer, absorbent foam containing a silver compound and activated carbon, and a film backing. The silver compound (silver sulphate) releases silver ions to create a bacterial barrier and inactive a wide range of wound pathogens (bacteria and fungi), which may also reduce malodour.


Low to moderately exuding wounds including leg and foot ulcers, pressure ulcers and partial-thickness burns. Can used on infected wounds as part of a treatment regimen under supervision of a qualified health-care professional.


Known sensitivity to silver. Must be removed before examinations such as X-ray, ultrasound, diathermy or magnetic resonance imaging.

Sizes Available

10x10cm; 10x20cm; 15x15cm; 20x20cm; 20x50cm


£6.45; £10.89; £12.27; £18.17; £68.19

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