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Avance Solo

Avance Solo

Molnlycke Health Care


Portable, battery-powered, single-use negative pressure system comprising a pump, multilayer dressing and a 50ml canister. Avance Solo foam wound filler option also available.


Closed incisions and low to moderately exuding chronic wounds.


Malignancy in the wound or its margins. Untreated and previously confirmed osteomyelitis. Non-enteric and unexplored fistulas. Necrotic tissue with eschar present. Exposed nerves, arteries, veins or organs. Exposed anastomotic sites.

Sizes Available

50ml canister kit.

Avance Solo closed incision starter kit: 10x20cm; 10x30cm; 10x35cm.

Avance Solo silicone bordered dressing: 10x20cm; 10x30cm; 10x35cm; 15x15cm; 15x20cm; 15x30cm; 20x20cm; 25x25cm.


Not available on the Drug Tariff; please contact supplier

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