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Carolon Multi-layer Compression System Understocking Pack

Carolon Multi-layer Compression System Understocking Pack



Pack containing 3 under stockings with Cupron copper yarn technology to reduce odour and improve the appearance of the skin. As the understocking has a compression level of 16–18mmHg, it can be used in conjunction with the multilayer overstocking or by itself for light compression overnight. Latex-free. 


Treatment of venous leg ulcers.


Do not use on arterial and mixed venous/arterial ulcers. Discontinue use if redness or irritation results, or if toes become discoloured (black or blue). Do not use in direct contact with open wounds, but is suitable for use with leg ulcers appropriately covered with a primary dressing.

Sizes Available

All understockings 16–18mmHg available in:
Size A–G in short and regular lengths;
Maximum ankle circumference of 35.5cm;
Maximum calf circumference of 66cm.



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