Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection

Alleviant Medical Compression Stocking



Hypoallergenic and latex-free stockings.


Class 1 (18–21mmHg): mild compression for tired legs, air travel and to improve circulation.


Class 2 (23–32mmHg): pronounced varicosis with a tendency to oedema; post-traumatic swelling; recovery period of simple ulcers; superficial thrombophlebitis; treatment after vein operations and sclerotherapy; pronounced varicose veins in pregnancy.


Class 3 (34–46mmHg): severe conditional and post-thrombotic venous insufficiency; pronounced varicosis with oedema; secondary varicosis; dermatosclerosis; recovery period of serious and recurrent ulcers.


Extra strong (>49mmHg): lymphoedema and elephantiasis A.


Severe arterial insufficiency; cutaneous infections; dermatitis in the acute phase; recent thrombosis; wet dermatosis.

Sizes Available

Available in compression classes 1–3. Available in seven leg circumference sizes ( I–VII) and normal or short lengths. Open or closed toe styles; silicone non-slip band.


Class 1, class 2 and class 3

Below Knee Open Toe: Short, Normal

Below Knee Closed Toe
Thigh Length Silicone Top Open Toe
Thigh Length Silicone Top Closed Toe
Panty Hose Open Toe
Panty Hose Closed Toe


Below Knee Open/Closed toe: £8.00 (class 1); £9.00 (classes 2 and 3).

Thigh Length  Silicone Top Open/Closed Toe: £17.00 (class 1); £18.00 (class 2); £19.00 (class 3).

Panty Hose Open/Closed Toe: £25.00 (class 1); £28.00 (class 2); £25.00 (class 3). 

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