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Elasticated Viscose Stockinette 4215

Elasticated Viscose Stockinette 4215

IMS (Euro)


Elasticated viscose stockinette. Air circulates between the threads, helping to avoid maceration. The slight elastication enables freedom of movement.


Can also used for dressing retention. Also indicated for patch wrapping and as an undercast stockinette. 


None listed.

Sizes Available

Red line: 10m x 3.5cm 

Green line: 10mx5cm 

Blue line: 10mx7.5cm 

Yellow line: 10mx10.75cm 

Beige line: 10m x17.5cm 


Red line: £70.87 (32);
Green line: £47.39 (20);
Blue line: £36.80 (12);
Yellow line: £33.20 (8);
Beige line: £34.75 (6).

Available through NHS Supply Chain.

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