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The professional's guide to wound product selection

HydroClean Plus

HydroClean Plus



Hydro-responsive wound dressing that cleanses, debrides, desloughs and absorbs. Also available in a cavity version for deep wounds. 


For use on the majority of acute and chronic wounds including leg ulcers (venous, arterial and mixed), diabetic foot ulcers, acute wounds, surgical wounds, burns, donor sites, malignant wounds, traumatic wounds (such as skin tears) and abrasions (such as road rash).


None listed.

Sizes Available

3cm (round) (mini); 4cm (round); 5.5cm (round); 4x8cm; 7.5x7.5cm; 8x14cm; 10x10cm; 10x17cm; 4cm (round cavity); 5.5cm (round cavity); 4x8cm (cavity); 7.5x7.5cm (cavity); 10x10cm (cavity)


£2.38; £4.06; £4.82; £3.50; £5.33; £6.50; £6.04; £8.80; £4.31; £6.45; £3.20; £5.53; £9.80

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