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Haddenham Star Cotton mto

Haddenham Star Cotton mto

Haddenham Healthcare


Ready-to-wear circular-knit compression hosiery for the legs. 100% cotton, so suitable for sensitive skin. Available in 10 styles: 3 compression classes; 3 foot lengths; 3 leg lengths; 2 colours; 5 panty options; open or closed toe, standard or extra wide, and footless tights. 


Primary indications: class 1 (18–21mmHg) for mild lymphoedema, palliative care; class 2 (23–32mmHg) for moderate lymphoedema; class 3 (34–46mmHg) for severe complex lymphoedema, gross oedema, rebound oedema.

Secondary indications: class 1 (18–21mmHg): superficial or early varices; class 2 (23–32mmHg): varices of medium severity; ulcer treatment and prevention of recurrence; mild oedema.


Absolute contraindications: arterial disease in the legs; severe heart disease; severe infections of the veins.

Relative contraindications: infections of the skin; loss of feeling in the legs; allergy to compression stocking fabric.

Sizes Available

Class 1 and class 2. 

Below Knee available in short, regular and long, and sizes I–VIII.

Thigh High with Grip Top and Tights available in short, regular and long, and sizes I–VII.

Styles: Below Knee (Open/Closed Toe); Below Knee Extra Wide (Open/Closed Toe); Thigh High with Grip Top (Open/Closed Toe); Thigh High with Grip Top Extra Wide (Open/Closed Toe);  Tights (Open/Closed Toe); Tights Extra Wide (Open/Closed Toe)


Class 1 (18–21mmHg) and Class 2 (23–32mmHg):

Per pair:

Below Knee (Open/Closed Toe): £28.75

Below Knee with Grip Top: £35.14

Thigh High: £45.95

Thigh High with Grip Top: £52.34

Thigh High with Waistband: £52.73


Per piece:

Thigh High with Waist Attachment (Left/Right Leg): £31.96

Tights: £51.56

One Legged Tights (Left/Right Leg): £51.56

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