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Cutimed Sorbion Sorbact

Cutimed Sorbion Sorbact

Essity (T/A BSN medical)


Superabsorbent dressing with a Sorbact technology wound contact layer.


For the management of clean, contaminated, colonised, or infected wounds with high to excessive levels of exudate including: venous leg ulcers; pressure ulcers; diabetic foot ulcers; and acute wounds, such as postoperative surgical wounds and traumatic wounds.


Dry or low exuding wounds, eyes, mucous membranes or wound cavities (the dressing swells considerably after fluid absorption). Do not use in combination with ointments, creams or solutions as this will reduce its binding effect.

Remove the dressing prior to the patient undergoing radiotherapy.

Sizes Available

10x10cm, 10x20cm, 20x20cm, 20x30cm


£6.12; £9.56; £16.54; £24.81

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