Journal of Woundcare Handbook

The professional's guide to wound product selection

Easy-Slide and Magnide Applicator Range



Compression hosiery open/close toe and armsleeve applicators. Washable and compact.


Separate devices for application of open-toe stockings, closed-toe stockings and armsleeves.



Sizes Available

Easy-Slide for open toe stockings: small (shoe size 2–4.5); medium (shoe sizes 5–7.5); large (shoe size 8–11); extra large (shoe size >11).

Easy-Slide for armsleeves: medium (circumference up to 38cm); large (circumference up to 38–50cm).

Magnide hosiery application aid for open/closed toe stockings: medium (shoe sizes 5–7.5); large (shoe size 8–11); extra large (shoe size >11).

Arion Easy Slide hosiery application aid for kids is also available. 


Easy-Slide for open toe Stockings: £12.80

Easy-Slide for armsleeves: £13.42 (not available on DT)

Magnide for open/closed toe stockings: £14.72 (XL not available on DT)

Arion Easy-Slide hosiery application aid for kids: please contact supplier

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