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CovaWound Silicone Foam

CovaWound Silicone Foam

Covalon Technologies (Europe) Ltd


Comprises an atraumatic, soft silicone adhesive, an absorbent polyurethane foam core and a vapour-permeable polyurethane membrane.


Moderate to heavily exuding wounds such as leg ulcers, foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, superficial and partial-thickness burns, traumatic wounds and postoperative wounds. Can be used under compression.


Third-degree burns. Patients with a known allergy or sensitivity to any components of the dressing. See instructions for use.

Sizes Available

5x5cm; 5x7cm; 10x10cm; 12.5x12.5cm; 10x20cm; 15x15cm; 15x20cm; 20x20cm; 20x50cm


£0.79; £0.81; £1.44; £1.81; £2.44; £2.51; £5.20; £4.52; £17.82

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