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Spycra Protect Dressing

Spycra Protect Dressing

Bullen Healthcare


Spycra Protect is a skin protect dressing designed to prevent friction damage and assist wounds to heal. The ReSkin Silicone Skin Technology combines two unique features:

- super-soft silicone adhesive

- bi-elastic top layer; elastic in the length and in the width.


Prevention and support of ageing fragile skin; past skin tears.

Care of epidermolysis bullosa.

Strengthening and maturation of tissue of recently healed wounds.

Protection of wounds until full healing occurs.

Prevention and care of scratch wounds; relief of itching.

Care of superficial non- to low-exuding wounds.

Prevention of friction wounds, e.g. bedbound patients, prosthesis users and any other 'at-risk' skin.

Mild intertrigo without signs of infection and without massive transpiration or fluids.

Maturation of post-surgical cicatrisation tissue.


Allergy to silicone. When used as a primary dressing, exudate above very low levels.

Sizes Available

5x7.5cm; 7.5x10cm; 10x18cm; 18x30cm; 5x150cm (roll)


£1.32; £2.21; £6.44; £14.83; £17.92

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