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Sorbsan Ribbon and Packing

Sorbsan Ribbon and Packing

Aspen Medical Europe


Sterile non-woven calcium alginate cavity wound dressings. High in mannuronic acid and low in guluronic acid. The fibres swell and form a sodium-calcium alginate gel when in contact with wound exudate. Will promote haemostasis in bleeding wounds. Supplied with a sterile plastic medical probe (single-use only) to aid  assessment of the wound dimensions.


Cavity wounds with moderate to high levels of exudate. Packing for larger wet cavity wounds.


Do not use in individuals with a known sensitivity to any of the components of the dressing. Should not be used where the opening of the wound or sinus is smaller than the width of the probe provided.

Sizes Available

Ribbon: 40cm. Packing: 30cm/2g


£2.06; £3.50

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