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Tegaderm Hydrocolloid

Tegaderm Hydrocolloid

3M United Kingdom PLC


An advanced, highly absorbent, conformable, hydrocolloid dressing with Tegaderm Film backing layer. Maintains odour control and contains no pectin, gelatine or any other animal derivatives.


Low to moderately exuding chronic wounds including leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, skin graft donor sites as well as first- and second-degree burns.


Do not use on clinically infected wounds, and with caution on wounds likely to develop infection (e.g. arterial ulcers). Not recommended for use on deep burns or wounds with exposed bone, muscle or tendon.

Sizes Available

10x12cm (oval); 13x15cm (oval); 10x10cm; 16.1x17.1cm (sacral)


£2.40 (oval); £4.48 (oval); £2.44; £5.00 (sacral)

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