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Tegaderm Absorbent Clear Acrylic Dressing

Tegaderm Absorbent Clear Acrylic Dressing

3M United Kingdom PLC


A transparent, absorbent dressing offering an extended wear time and a clear view of the wound. An absorbent acrylic pad encased between a top layer of breathable film and a bottom layer of perforated film that also features a unique moist skin adhesive.


Pressure ulcer, skin tears, low to moderately exuding acute wounds


None listed.

Sizes Available

Oval: 7.6x9.5cm (wound contact pad 3.8x5.7cm); 11.1x12.7cm (wound contact pad 6x7.5cm); 14.2x15.8cm (wound contact pad 8.5x10.7cm)

Rectangle: 14.9x15.2cm (wound contact pad 10.1x10.1cm); 20x20.3cm (wound contact pad 14.9x15.2cm)

Sacral: 16.8x19cm (wound contact pad 11.6x14.5cm)


£3.23; £4.18; £8.66 (oval); £5.89; £8.83; £14.17 (rectangle); £10.57 (sacral)

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