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3M Coban 2 Lite Compression System

3M Coban 2 Lite Compression System

3M United Kingdom PLC


Designed for reduced compression. Two thin layers provide the stiffness required to generate sustained working pressures/low resting pressures to reduce oedema/prevent venous reflux without the bulk of traditional bandages. The interlocking layers cohere to each other, creating an inelastic sleeve that conforms to the limb and reduces the potential for bandage slippage and discomfort.


Mixed-aetiology leg ulcers, lymphoedema and chronic oedema affecting arms, shoulders, fingers and toes


Recommended for patients with ABPI ≥0.5.

Sizes Available

Lite Comfort Foam Layer (layer no. 1): 7.5cmx2.7m; 10cmx2.7m; 15cmx2.7m

Lite Compression Layer: 2.5cmx3.5m; 7.5cmx3.5m; 10cmx3.5m; 15cmx3.5m


Layer 1: £4.84; £6.00; £9.05

Layer 2: £2.31; £3.68; £4.73; £6.42

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