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KerraLite Cool

KerraLite Cool

3M + KCI


Pro-ionic hydrogel contact layer and fluid-repellent, polyurethane film outer layer. Available in non-adhesive and adhesive options. 


Chronic wounds, painful wounds, and skin conditions such as leg ulcers, radiation therapy damage, skin tears, burns and scalds. May be used on low-exuding and non-exuding wounds to assist in autolytic debridement by hydration of necrotic and sloughy tissue and for absorption of exudate.


Full-thickness wounds; heavily bleeding wounds; third-degree burns; or as a covering for deep, narrow cavities or sinuses.

Sizes Available

Adhesive: 8x8cm; 11x11cm; 15x15cm

Non-adhesive: 6x6cm; 12x8.5cm; 18x12.5cm


Adhesive: £2.07; £2.77; £4.41

Non-adhesive: £1.79; £2.64; £3.82

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