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V.A.C.Ulta Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System

V.A.C.Ulta Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System

3M + KCI


An integrated wound management system that provides negative pressure wound therapy with an instillation option. Intended for use with topical wound solutions only.


Chronic, acute, traumatic, sub-acute and dehisced wounds; partial-thickness burns; pressure, venous and diabetic foot ulcers; flaps and grafts.


Do not place foam dressings of the V.A.C.Ulta therapy system (including both V.A.C. Therapy and V.A.C. VeraFlo) directly in contact with exposed blood vessels, anastomotic sites, organs, or nerves. V.A.C. Therapy and V.A.C. VeraFlo Therapy are contraindicated for patients with malignant wounds, untreated osteomyelitis, non-enteric and unexplored fistulas, and necrotic tissue with eschar present.


Not on Drug Tariff. Contact supplier.

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