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Prevena Plus Dressing Kit

Prevena Plus Dressing Kit

3M + KCI


For use on non-linear or ≤90cm linear incisions. Comprises Prevena Customizable dressing with hydrocolloid, SensaT.R.A.C. pad, four V.A.C. drapes, ruler with sticker and a hydrocolloid strip.


Surgical incisions that continue to drain following suturing or stapling. For maximum benefit, should be applied immediately after surgery to clean surgically closed wounds. Can be applied continuously for 2–7 days. Can be used at home after discharge, although dressing changes should be performed under medical supervision.


Malignant wounds; untreated osteomyelitis; non-enteric and unexplored fistulae; necrotic tissue with eschar present; should not be placed over exposed vital structures

Sizes Available

Each kit contains: 5 x Prevena Customizable 90cm dressing with hydrocolloid; Sensa T.R.A.C. Pad; 4 x V.A.C. drape; ruler with sticker; hydrocolloid strip


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