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The professional's guide to wound product selection

365 Non Woven Island Dressing

365 Healthcare


Permeable, non-woven dressing with a non-adherent absorbent pad and a water-resistant adhesive. 


Minor cuts and lacerations; clean postoperative wounds; minor burns and donor sites; chronic wounds with low exudate volumes.


None listed

Sizes Available

Non-woven island dressing:

5x7.2cm (wound contact pad 2.3x3.9cm plus border 1.35–1.65cm);

6x8cm (wound contact pad 3x4cm plus border 1.5–2cm);

8x10cm (wound contact pad 4x5cm plus border 2–2.5cm);

8x15cm (wound contact pad 4x10.1cm plus border 2–2.45cm);

10x10cm (wound contact pad 5x5cm plus border 2.5cm);

10x15cm (wound contact pad 5x10.5cm plus border 2.5–2.25cm);

10x20cm (wound contact pad 5.2x15.5cm plus border 2.4–2.25cm);

10x25cm (wound contact pad 5.5x20cm plus border 2.5cm).




Non-woven island dressing: £0.03; £0.04; £0.06; £0.07; £0.06; £0.09; £0.12; £0.14

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