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365 Intravenous (IV) dressing

365 Intravenous (IV) dressing

365 Healthcare


Transparent, semipermeable, showerproof, polyurethane film dressing coated with a hypoallergenic acrylate adhesive. Designed for use with winged and ported catheters. Has reinforced soft wing tips for greater catheter security. Supplied with two additional fixation strips. Also available as a reinforced transparent intravenous dressing for paediatrics and frame application. 


Transparent adhesive dressing: central and peripheral line securement.

Reinforced transparent adhesive (paediatrics): paediatric IV cannula securement and peripheral line securement


None listed

Sizes Available

Transparent adhesive dressing: 7x9cm (peripheral line); 10x12cm.

Reinforced transparent adhesive: 5x5.7cm (paediatric IV cannula); 7x8.5cm (peripheral line)


Transparent adhesive dressing: £0.24; £0.59.

Reinforced transparent adhesive: £0.23; £0.18

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